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There has certainly been a change of season in the last day or so and many maintenance managers will be preparing for winter.  An example of the types of jobs that need to be done are:- Cleaning gutters ensuring that they are clear.  Failing to do so can put buildings at risk of damage if […]

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  • Mast Lift at Work

Mast booms are increasing in popularity due to their compact design, giving them the ability to be used indoors in tight work spaces and still reach a good working height. A mast boom is the best option if you are looking to work inside, where a narrow machine is essential to navigate walkways and aisles, […]

Mast Lift at Work

We value the opportunity to work with local businesses.  Therefore, when we were recently asked to provide an access platform for an artist working on the front of a local bar/restaurant, we were only too happy to work with them on this exciting project. The machine chosen for the job was a Dingli 8100 self-propelled […]

As an owner of powered access platforms you will be aware that all powered access must be professionally examined every six months by a trained CAP (Competent Assessed Person) qualified person. It is a legal requirement that all Powered Access machines be safe for use and fit for purpose.  The LOLER examination is far more […]

Dingli JCPT1612DC

Liftright customers love the Dingli 1612! This electric scissor lift provides a working height of 15.70m (platform height 13.70) but is only 1.25m wide. It is battery drive, low noise, non-pollution and suitable for all kinds of working environments.  It comes with pothole protection to make this equipment safe and reliable.  There is an extended […]

Material Lift

With the temperature set to rise even higher as the week progresses, existing air conditioning units are under even more pressure to keep up with the soaring temperatures and often failing requiring an engineer visit, as well as many people suddenly deciding to have air conditioning units installed in their homes and offices. One of […]

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