Monthly Archives: March 2019

Do your staff use access equipment? IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) says that anyone working in boom lifts and other MEWPs, whether self-propelled or vehicle mounts, should wear a fully body harness with an adjustable lanyard set as short as is practical. Liftright Access can provide your staff with single point safety harnesses with […]

Does your business own access equipment?  If so, then our qualified engineers are available to carry out the mandatory thorough examinations on your access equipment, either at your premises, on site or at our depot. Our service department keeps a log of all customer inspection dates so we can remind them when their next inspection […]

Let us introduce you to the boom lift or cherry picker.  A wonderfully versatile machine that comes in various shapes and sizes but today we are concentrating on the Nifty Lift HR12 and the Dingli 8100. Both of these boom lifts (commonly referred to as Cherry pickers) provide the user with a platform height of […]

Liftright Access has a selection of this extremely versatile size of scissor lift. With a platform height of 19ft (5.72m) giving you an approximate working height of 25ft (7.8m) and a machine width of just 30″ (0.76m) this is a great machine to give you a safe working platform that can maneuver in tight spaces.  […]

Liftright Access has just added the Dingli 1612 scissor lift to its fleet.  This lift provides a platform height of 13.70m (max. working height of 15.70m) with an overall machine width of 1.25m. This is a great addition to the Liftright fleet of scissors which start at platform heights of 5.72m through to 6.10m, 7.75m, […]