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There has certainly been a change of season in the last day or so and many maintenance managers will be preparing for winter.  An example of the types of jobs that need to be done are:-

  1. Cleaning gutters ensuring that they are clear.  Failing to do so can put buildings at risk of damage if a build-up of dead leaves and debris occurs in the drainage systems.
  2. Roofs should be inspected for weak spots and weathered surfaces.  Extreme weather conditions can cause major damage to buildings, therefore inspecting your roof can help avoid problems occurring.
  3. Exterior lighting becomes more important for the safe access and egress of your employees and visitors as the days get shorter.  Make sure your outdoor lighting is ready to provide good visibility and security all winter long.

All these jobs involve working at height and a powered access platform is one of the safest ways to undertake these various tasks.

Liftright Access can provide you with the appropriate access platform for the job.  For more information on our wide range of boom and scissor lifts call Liftright Access on 01234 740648.