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Does your business own access equipment?  If so, then our qualified engineers are available to carry out the mandatory thorough examinations on your access equipment, either at your premises, on site or at our depot. Our service department keeps a log of all customer inspection dates so we can remind them when their next inspection […]

Let us introduce you to the boom lift or cherry picker.  A wonderfully versatile machine that comes in various shapes and sizes but today we are concentrating on the Nifty Lift HR12 and the Dingli 8100. Both of these boom lifts (commonly referred to as Cherry pickers) provide the user with a platform height of […]

Liftright Access has a selection of this extremely versatile size of scissor lift. With a platform height of 19ft (5.72m) giving you an approximate working height of 25ft (7.8m) and a machine width of just 30″ (0.76m) this is a great machine to give you a safe working platform that can maneuver in tight spaces.  […]

Liftright Access has just added the Dingli 1612 scissor lift to its fleet.  This lift provides a platform height of 13.70m (max. working height of 15.70m) with an overall machine width of 1.25m. This is a great addition to the Liftright fleet of scissors which start at platform heights of 5.72m through to 6.10m, 7.75m, […]

Did you know that employees in general industry should wear a safety harness when working at heights from 4 feet above a lower level. Liftright Access carry a stock of single point harnesses which provide you with the following: Single Point Harness 2m Adjustable Webbing Lanyard Screwgate Carabiner x 2 High comfort webbing Back-pack This […]

If you are looking at a long-term project and renting an access platform is part of your plan, then Liftright Access can help, as we offer Contract Rental on a range of our access platforms. The advantages of contract rental for our customers include: – Accurate monthly budgeting – Improved Cash flow – Reduced administration […]

Liftright has just taken delivery of some more scissor lifts – this time in the shape of the Dingli 0807DC. This self-propelled, electric motor drive scissor lift provides a platform height of 5.80m (working height 7.80m) and an overall machine width of just 0.76m. For more information on these scissors, or if you need general […]

The HR12N self propelled boom lift is a versatile and reliable machine available for hire from Liftright Access. The HR12N is specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the lightest, most compact base possible. A telescopic upper boom gives the HR12N improved accuracy when positioning the platform and superb manoeuvrability makes it ideal for a […]

The Genie SLA15 Superlift is a Material Lift that can lift 363kg to a maximum height of 4.98m with the forks up.  The combination of lift capacity and height probably covers most bases for most contractors, but is especially popular with air conditioning engineers and builders needing to install structural beams.  For more information on this […]

Liftright Access is pleased to announce the addition of more Dingli access platforms to its fleet.  This time in the shape of the JCPT0807DC self-propelled scissor lift. This electric scissor offers a working height of 7.80m (platform height 5.8m) with an overall length of 1.86m and a width of just 0.76m. For more information on […]