• Dingli AMWP11 8100
  • Mast Lift at Work
    Dingli 8100

Mast booms are increasing in popularity due to their compact design, giving them the ability to be used indoors in tight work spaces and still reach a good working height.

A mast boom is the best option if you are looking to work inside, where a narrow machine is essential to navigate walkways and aisles, but where you also need the flexibility of outreach to complete your task.

Mast booms are battery powered and therefore quiet runners, causing little disruption to your staff during normal working hours and driveable at full height saving time and being more operator efficient.

Our most popular mast boom is the Dingli 11.5 which gives the operator an 11.2m working height but is only 1m wide.  This platform also comes with a working outreach of 3m.

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