• Dingli JCPT1612DC
  • JLG 10RS scissor lift

If you have a job that needs to be carried out at height, then the scissor lift is often the best aerial work platform to do the job.  If you do not have anyone trained to operate this lift, we can provide an operator with the machine to assist you with your project. The scissor […]

  • SLA15 Material Lift
  • Material Lift

We have a range of Genie Material Lifts for sale. These lightweight, cost-effective material lifts are designed to enhance worksite productivity with highly portable solutions for a wide variety of applications. SLA-10 – This lifts 454Kg to a maximum height of 3.49m. SLA-15 – This lift 363Kg to a maximum height of 4.98m. For more […]

Do you have a long-term project coming up that will involve use of access platforms? Are you looking for a set monthly hire price for the term of your project? Then contract rental could be the perfect choice for you. Liftright Access can arrange to provide you with equipment at a set monthly cost for […]

  • Dingli JCPT1612DC
  • Dingli 1612 scissor lift
  • JLG 3246 ES Scissor Lift
  • Scissor Lifts

There are many benefits to hiring scissor platforms in working and construction sites; 1 Safety Scissor lifts are used to safely move workers vertically and can be moved easily to different locations. 2 Productivity Scissor lifts can be moved easily and safely from one place to another . This will help reduce any physical effort […]

  • Dingli JCPT1612DC

May we introduce you to the Dingli 1612! This electric scissor lift provides a working height of 15.70m (platform height 13.70). It is battery drive, low noise, non-pollution and suitable for all kinds of working environments.  It comes with pothole protection to make this equipment safe and reliable.  There is an extended platform and can […]

Liftright Access is proud to have been awarded the IPAF Rental+ quality mark. This shows our customers that Liftright Access has been independently audited by an ISO 9001 lead auditor within the last 12 months, to meet the most stringent standards of training, advice, equipment and customer satisfaction. With this accreditation, Liftright Access can give […]