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  • Dingli 1612 scissor lift
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There are many benefits to hiring scissor platforms in working and construction sites;

1 Safety

Scissor lifts are used to safely move workers vertically and can be moved easily to different locations.

2 Productivity

Scissor lifts can be moved easily and safely from one place to another . This will help reduce any physical effort and fatigue of your workers who operate them and instantly saves time.

3 Flexibility

There are several types of scissor lifts for specific jobs, such as electric powered scissor lifts are best known for indoor usage while diesel powered scissor platforms are great for outdoor usage and rough terrains.

4 Compact Design

If you have limited space in your warehouse or storage area and your project requires you to work at height, scissor lifts are an excellent solution since they are designed to fully retracted and take up very little space .

To give you an example of one of our lifts, the Dingli 1612 scissor lift comes with a platform height of 13.70m (max. working height of 15.70m) and an overall machine width of 1.25m.

This is a great addition to the Liftright fleet of scissors which start at platform heights of 5.72m through to 6.10m, 7.75m, 7.90m, 9.70m and now 13.70m.

For more information about these scissor lifts or any other access platforms for hire throughout the UK (including Northern Ireland) please call Liftright Access on 01234 740648.