Liftright Access is proud to have been awarded the IPAF Rental+ quality mark.
This shows our customers that Liftright Access has been independently audited by an ISO 9001 lead auditor within the last 12 months, to meet the most stringent standards of training, advice, equipment and customer satisfaction.
With this accreditation, Liftright Access can give its customers complete reassurance at every stage of the rental process.
Liftright Access’ hire desk staff have a thorough understanding of their fleet which ensures you will get exactly the right platform you need for the job.
The quality of handover familiarisation will get the most out of the machine you hire from us right from the outset.
We also provide certified platform operators with our machines. Your platform will be operated safely and productively.
Liftright Access can provide you with qualified engineers who can carry out full service and maintenance to PDI inspections of your own access equipment.
For more information call Liftirght Access on 01234 740648.