• Dingli JCPT0807DC Scissor Lift

When it comes to handling material, using the right equipment can make a huge difference to the efficiency of many projects.  Vertical lifts are economical and versatile.  The Scissor Lift can be used by a single operator and they come in a variety of sizes.

While you can use other tools to the same effect, scissor lifts bestow certain benefits, such as:

  • The scissor lift allows your workers to reach areas at height that would have otherwise been very hard to get to.
  • Scissor lifts are particularly easy to operate.
  • The scissor lift is basically the most compact type of aerial work platform.  This is important when it comes to working in tight spaces, such as event spaces or tightly packed warehouses where height access is restricted by stacked crates.
  • While other aerial work platforms can require a lot of floor space to operate, scissor lifts are among the most compact lifting equipment.  The total area required is virtually equivalent to the area of the platform, making these lifts easy to store.
  • Compared to the alternatives, scissor lifts are the most economic and versatile working at height solution.

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