As I am sure you are aware The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and will take effect at the end of May 2018.  This legislation replaces the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC).

The Data Protection Act (DPA) is a law designed to protect personal data stored on computers or in an organised paper filing system.

All companies are required to review the information they hold on their customer database and are preparing documentation explaining how they store their customer information and how they use it (for instance in regular mailings/email campaigns etc).  In light of this change of EU law, Liftright Access would like you to be aware that we do not contact any of our customers unless they have asked us to do so via the information that they have provided and are happy for us to hold on our customer database (this contact information is held in two places our SAGE accounting system and our Hire Booking System).  We would also like to make you aware that we are compliant with the PCI DSS and do not hold records of any credit card details given to us at the time of hire.

So that you are aware, when you place an order for hire or purchase of equipment or parts, training, service visits etc., we will retain your company name, address, telephone number and email details, but that is only so that we can contact you with regards to that specific order.

To clarify Liftright Access do not undertake (or intend to undertake in the future) any post or email campaigns where you will receive unwanted communications from us.

However if, for any reason, you are uncomfortable with us holding your details on our system, we would ask that you contact our office on 01234 740648 advising us that you would like your details removed.  We will then do this with immediate effect.  If you are in agreement for us to retain your details, then there is no further action to be taken by yourself.

Thank you for your time in reading this message, however, if you wish to discuss in more detail do not hesitate to contact us.